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  • Installing and configuring

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When you subscribe for our services ( Gold, Platinum or Exclusive membership ) you will be able to download these extensions:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which membership gives access to the premium extensions?

You have to subscribe yourself to Gold, Platinum or Exclusive membership. These account types will give you access to the premium extensions and theirs upgrades, during the period of subscription.

Will I be able to use the premium extensions when subscription expires?

Yes, you will. You can use all premium extension lifetime, on unlimited websites.

However, if you would like to download a new version to upgrade your extension, you will have to subscribe for a membership plan again.

What does it mean "Installing and configuring" when I subscribe for Exclusive membership?

We offer to install the extensions and its plug-ins and modules, for you. We also offer to configure the system with the fundamental settings. The platform will be configured in a state where it will be possible to be used by you and your customers.

After this state, you will be able to continue with installation of third-party components, modules and plug-ins. You should install a template and do the design for your website.